NPP must apologize to Chief Imam immediately

It is a little over a week since Ghana went to the polls to elect their next president and members of Parliament to lead the nation for another 4 years.

Nana Akuffo Addo retained his position as the president after he was declared the winner by the Chairperson of the Commission, Madam Jean Mensah.

He succeeded in beating his contenders after polling more than 50%+1 of the total votes as announced by the EC.

A Ghanaian journalist based in UK and lifetime founder of the Loud Silence Media, Kelvin Ekow Taylor has angrily blasted the two leading political parties for trying to draw the Chief Imam into political affairs.

According to him, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu remains the only asset Ghanaians have and his name must be protected from disrepute.

Explaining the rationale of his assertion, he indicated that Ghanaian politics is a “dirty game” and whoever joins becomes a liar.

Kelvin Taylor talking on his televised With All Due Respect Show last night, indicated that politicians have been able to compromise any religious body in Ghana and the Chief Imam’s office is the only one left to be protected.

He alleged that some politicians want to draw his office into political matters which must be condemned by the general public.

This comment follows when reacting to the ruling NPP’s Islamic Thanksgiving Service which was graced by the Chief Imam.

Per his statement, the Chief Imam has not called any political party to pray for them. He boldly indicated that Chief Imam is older than Ghana and endowed with more wisdom and it will be very surprising that he will join these tribalistic politics that is going on in Ghana.

Speaking further, he sent a strong warning to the leaders of the political parties in Ghana to desist from engaging his reputable office in politics while cautioning them to render an apology to him if they have a uttered a word which is false about him. He implored the Ghanaian youth to fight to save that the reputation of Chief Imam and his office before it is being compromised by the politicians.

“There are some things going on which must be addressed and condemned largely by the general public. Some people wants to bring the office of Ghana’s only asset into disrepute but we will not permit that to happen. In Ghana today, every religious body has already been tamed and they fear to criticise the wrong doings of politicians. We cannot sit for Chief Imam’s office to be compromised as well,” he angrily asserted.

He continued that, “This is a warning to both the NDC and NPP not to use his name for their dirty politics. It is disrespectful because he is an honorable man who can give a true verdict. He is not bias. He’s one of the people I’m ready to defend with my last blood. If the NPP said something that isn’t true, they must apologise to Chief Imam immediately.”

Source; Opera News

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