Not Again!!!!! Musah Superior Spits Fire On John Boadu Over “They Can’t Do The Work” Comment

Musah Superior Writes…

From John Boadu to other GS hopefuls.

“l am not moved by names because they can’t do the work as I can. I see it as a distraction because it means you would have to leave what you are doing to campaign; had it not been that you would’ve concentrated fully on party matters, that is what is worrying but as to whether they can do the work like how I’ve done it, it’s doubtful . . . and so I’m not threatened at all”.

From Me (Musah Superior) to John Boadu.

Just because some one has never done something doesn’t mean he/she can’t do it and even better if he/she is offered the opportunity.

And it surely doesn’t mean he/she cant excel at it.

Some first time managers have done far better than “experienced” persons in similar management positions.

Some Iconic politicians who have delivered their politics brilliantly were first time entrants in the jobs.

Most previous National Officers of our great Party started the jobs without prior experience. Some excelled! Hon Daniel Kwaku Botwe is a clear example.

To say that first time entrants in a job will not perform is amateurish and moot.

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