Nobody will tell you this: See Why Judges Wear White Wigs?

Every practicing judge needs to treat every individual in his court uniformly without any bias.

The wig worn by judges creates a separate identity for him and presents him as a third person in order to create a symbol of non-bias.

Please underline and understand that one of the main purposes for the introduction of wigs in the court was to introduce the element of uniformity in the law.


Dress codes in any profession have their symbolic meanings and always stands for something which is the motive of the profession.

Similarly, wigs worn by judges have a symbolic meaning in the legal terrain.

They are symbolic of the elite nature of the profession.

They were a fashion statement in the late 17th century and the early 18th century. Wigs symbolize sophistication and a pre-existing custom.


Another reason why judges wear wigs is to maintain anonymity within the profession.

The appearance of the judges and their personal life should not affect the case they are handling.

Judges need to act anonymously while adjudging in the court. The only factors to be taken into consideration should be the facts of the lawyers and with cases.

Therefore wearing wigs enhances the anonymous behavior of judges in the court with the clients so that the personal life of a judge does not affect the case.

Thus, wigs represent a judge as a third person who acts as an unbiased, reasonable person and makes a rational decision.

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