No True Christian Or Muslim In Ghana Will Ignore This Message



So many of us don’t know the value of what we have. I was in a program on Saturday, while sitting, a guy walked in with his sister holding his hands.

They walked past me and sat in the front, after awhile the sister left maybe to get something or what, I don’t know. I don’t understand what came over me and I left my seat and went to sit with him. I never knew he was blind. Immediately I sat close to him, he said Ola are you back? I smiled and said no this not Ola, I am a friend, can I keep you company till she returns? He said yes, he asked me my name and I told him.

While we were talking he made a statement that brought tears to my eyes. He said he wished he could see who was talking to him. A tear dropped from my eyes as I couldn’t hold back the tears. I asked him how he became blind, he said he was blind from birth. He never saw what the world looked like he doesn’t know what his mom, dad and siblings looked like, he said he wished God could give him his sight and he went on and on. I had to excuse myself because I couldn’t hold back my tears. After the program I went home and was crying, asking God to forgive me. l have been an ungrateful being. I always complained of the things He hasn’t done for me. After my encounter with that young man, I changed my prayer to Thanksgiving.

So many of us don’t know what God has done for us. Being able to see is by His grace; able to walk is by His Mercy; able to do anything without anybody’s help is by His love. If you don’t have anything to thank Him for, thank Him for your life and all parts of your body. I say THANK YOU LORD for my eyes that I can see, THANK YOU LORD for my legs because I can walk, THANK YOU LORD for my ears, nose and all other parts of my body because everything is working good and fine. Please appreciate HIM for your life today and always.

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