AMAZING!! No Rich Man In Ghana Can Buy This Car



Welcome to my dear reader.

Please understand that while some individuals only want a car to get them from point A to point B, others prefer the finest cars on four wheels, and when I say finest, I mean a seven-figure price tag kind of vehicle.

A car that is so awesome that only a few number of people can even dream of having it.

For this type of car, not even rich people in Ghana can buy it.


Now let ud get a sneak peek at one of the unique cars in the world that you will likely never see again.

Let us get it on the next 100 years of BMW vision.

The BMW Vision Next 100 concept car
was manufactured for BMW’s 100th anniversary celebrations in 2016, and after all, what is a special present when you have lived such a long life?

As a result, engineers and designers at BMW wanted to create something truly and highly unique, and the result is a copper-colored concept car that is out of this world.

The goal of the build was to fully integrate their analog and digital worlds to create a car that is out of this world.

Inside and outside the car is equipped with a live geometry panels change texture in 4D to signal and communicate with the driver.

They use movement captured in peripheral vision, similar to a flock of birds changing direction in unison, in boost mode.

In ease mode, the car functions normally, but the windshield transforms into a heads-up display that acts as a guide as you travel, highlighting attractions and points of interest.

A multi-faceted crystalline structure emerges from the dash, representing the AI autonomously driving the car.

Yes, if you just want to relax and play a game on your computer or phone while traveling in comfort, the car can drive itself for you.

And, if you want to brag, you can also use the detecting devices in the car to open all four of the car’s doors at the same time without having to open them yourself.

Aside the above, the unique interior of this car is designed to make your driving experience comfortable.

The interior of the car is designed in such a way that you can even adjust the speed, the steering point and others by switching between different driving modes, and they have the energy to alter and improve the interior.

So the big question is can any rich person in Ghana buy this car if it is available?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thank you very much.

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