“No Politician In Ghana Can Manage Kumasi “-KMA Presiding Member ‘Fires’ Boldly



Presiding Member for Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Hon Stephen Ofori has placed on record that no politician appointed for the position of Kumasi City Mayor can man the affairs of the metropolis.

“They can only do that for a little moment on condition that we are not in a political season but when we are gearing towards electioneering period, no politician can manage Kumasi”, he indicated.

He gave explanations in an exclusive interview with www.leakynews.net , saying that because politicians always prioritize their political fortunes before executing any developmental action, they end up aborting an ideal intervention which would have fast tracked the development of the metropolis all because it will end up affecting the interest of electorates who voted massively for their political party.

“They are always afraid to do the right thing for the city since electorates will threaten voting against them and as a way of saving their fortunes, they will give up on that decision. This has always put the development of Kumasi Metropolis back and forth”, he noted.

The Presiding Member gave example that if KMA passes a resolution and the Mayor in charge decides to embark on a decongestion exercise, the next thing to realize is the holding of a demonstration by traders majority being NPP supporters.


They will protest the decision, march either to the regional minister or the regional party chairman and petition him on that. What will follow will be an order from top ruling party officials demanding that the city mayor should hold on with the decongestion exercise since it may affect their chances of winning the subsequent elections in the region. This is what is affecting the development of Kumasi metropolis”.

Hon Stephen Ofori suggested that until the appointed of MMDCEs is weaned from political influence, the progress of Kumasi metropolis and other areas will be delayed.

“MMDCEs should be elected by electorates on the ground of political neutrality. Their contest should have no element of political colour”.

Hon Stephen Ofori made this call during the inauguration of Manhyia North Sub metro District Council on Tuesday 15th June, 2021.

Source; www.leakynews.net



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