No more eye glasses: use these 3 plants to improve your sight



The eyes are one of our five sense organs, the others being the nose, skin, tongue and ears.

They are called the sense organs due to the fact that they respond to external stimuli or signals, transmit to the brain which then interprets them.

The eye as a sense organ responds to light.

It captures images and send the images to the brain through the optic nerves to interpret them. This is basically how the eye works.

A proper functioning eye can clearly see image at about 20 feet and these images could be letters, numbers, figures, shapes or persons.


As one ages, there is the tendency for the performance of the eyes to decline and this is perfectly normal.

This occurs due to aging which is caused by a number of factors of which cell death and damage contributes immensely.

It is impossible to prevent aging, at least by current scientific standing.

However because we all age differently and at different rates, one could make the process slower, especially if aging starts occurring quite earlier than normal.

Ways to slow down aging starts from leading a healthy lifestyle, feeding healthily and also supplying the body with necessary supplements which are almost readily available in plants and natural products. You may want to try organics if you are looking to slow down on aging.

Still on eyes and eye sight, aging is not the only factor that might contributes to eye sight problems. One major contributing factor to eye defect is heredity. You may find it interesting to know that nine out of every ten eye defect has gene and heredity underlining. So if your mother or father has a particular eye defect, you may want to follow this post to the end to take the tips to improve your eyesight.

Eye defect being hereditary is not a death sentence, neither is it an eternal condemnation. It only means you are at greater risks and that of course is if you are not already dealing with some eye issues. Either ways, there is a solution and your eye sight can get better or even stay good for ever, yes forever.

Other causes of eye defects could be accidents, nutritional deficiency, irritation and irradiations and so on. Whatever the cause maybe, the solution is pretty common and I’ll be recommending some plants that can help get your sight better if you use them rightly. Some of these could also be used for prevention and they are relatively safe since they are edible plants. Just use them in appropriate quantity, abuse or misuse of anything and everything is bad.


First we will start with avocados. Some know this alkaline fruit as pear, whatever you call it, you just may want to have them as your everyday fruit if you are working towards better eyesight.

Wait for it! You probably are saying, “Oh! Good, I take avocados a lot”. Well, I’m here to tell you how much of good you’ve been missing out on for not taking the fruit the right way. You most likely eat the flesh and ignore the seed, yes that big bitter seed. I’ll tell you something, that seed is your key to better eyesight.

How do you use it? Simply dry out the seed for days. The concentration of phytochemicals are high so you just want them properly dried to reduce that. After, you ground them into powder; the healing powder. Add a teaspoon of that to hot pap and drink daily or once in two days depending on the severity of your condition. You can observe the changes in a month.


Another magic fruit for you is watermelon. This water filled fruit is very rich in lycopene and Vitamin A which is excellent for eye sight.

Just like the pears, watermelons are best eaten whole with the peel. The seeds are quite not tasty but their health benefits have been strongly linked to improving eye sight. They are not toxic however, you should watch the quantity you are consuming because these seeds have high calorie content.


Eyebright is one quite uncommon plant that works very well for the eyes. You can always still get them around and there are supplements and drugs made from eyebright being sold at the pharmacy. This works majorly for itchy eyes, conjunctivitis or brief infections that results in swelling, itching and reddening of the eyes.

Possible ways to use eyebright is by boiling the leaves to drink as an herb, you can make a tea with it or even use it as an eye drop. It contains numerous beneficial compounds and it is very effective.

There are other plants that can help you improve your eyesight and feeding healthily is one very important step in making your eyes sharp and good as ever.

For any question regarding safety, usage and dosage of any of the herbs and preparations listed, use the comment section as I will be replying them. Feel free to share this piece of information if you found it helpful.

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