NGOs To Start Head Counting Of Street Children In Ksi 4th October

A network of Non-governmental organizations in Ghana will from 4th October 2021 commence a head count of all street connected children within the Kumasi metropolis.

The NGOs constituting the network are Safe-Child Advocacy, Chance for Children and Muslim Family Counseling Servicing; members of the Global Alliance for Street Work.

The exercise per the agreed plan will end on 16th October 2021 and the aim is to gather and compile accurate data on the number of street children within the Metropolis.

Following the litany of inconsistencies characterizing Ghana’s statistical figures on the number of street children, the exercise will seek to address the foregoing challenge by providing a well disaggregated data. It will succeed in guiding authorities in knowing the correct number of children who are in Street situation.

It will also help government in developing policies that will be geared towards assisting such victims.

Briefing the media at a day’s workshop in Kumasi, Mr. Tijani Mahmoud said officials will train 30 personnel to man the exercise.

“After the training, they will be classed into 5 groups and each group will be assigned areas within the Metropolis. The time duration for each group per day will be 4 hours and our focus is Kumasi”, he told the media.

In his presentation, he bemoaned that action is currently needed to mitigate the high level of abuse, stigma, discrimination and appalling violation of rights suffered by street connected children in Ghana.

“Data is the key”, he advised.

He indicated that the absence of accurate data make these children invisible which leads to policies not been developed or measures that are ad hoc and temporary.


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