“Next Year 2023: Worse And Terrible Things Will Happen In Ghana”- Jnana Caksus Das Predicts



By Enock Akonnor,

Jnana Caksus Das has predicted that 2023 will be a terrible year for Ghana and the world at large.

“Any person who will tell you that things will turn out well for Ghana next year is naive”, he told on the sidelines of an awards night event which formed part of the 5th Anniversary celebration of Transformation 108 Foundation held in Kumasi.

He stated that the present crisis citizens of Ghana are facing will worsen next year.

“…Worse things will happen next year 2023. In fact based on the constellation from 30th October 2022 all the way to the 13th March 2023, the world will face so much chaotic situations.


Things will be more difficult not only in Ghana but the whole world”

According to the founder and leader of Transformation 108 Foundation, Ghana is very feeble in terms of economic management and for that reason things will become so tough for the country.

“So I advise that anyone who has money should focus on survival next year. They should not invest in unnecessary things.”

When pushed further to defend his prediction, he explained that per the teachings of mystitsm and numerology, 2023 represents number 7 and that calls into play the rulership of Ketu planet.

“Anytime Ketu is in control, people face calamities…Next year will be number 7 and what will save mankind is doing what Ketu likes such as paying attention to nature, mysticism, humanity, etc”.

Practical examples include taking good care of water bodies, forest reserves, mountains and anything related to nature.

He warned that “if we focus our attention on material acquisition, we will suffer next year than any other year”.

“People should pay much attention to nature and allow customs and traditions to play key role in our lives else 2023 will be a terrible year.

I am not a doomsayer…I’m dealing with the Stars”

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