New Twist to Dual citizenship saga…NDC plans to go to court

The Ashanti regional branch of National Democratic Congress (NDC) has vowed to verify supposed documents of renunciation by a Parliamentary Candidate-Elect of the ruling party.

Deep throat sources at the NDC party office tells TNT that preparations are underway to go to court as soon as the New Partriotic Party files Miss Adelaide Ntim’s nomination forms to become candidate for Nsuta Kwamang-Beposo constituency.

“We have picked signals that NPP wants to connive with some EC officials to falsify documents for her to pass through but we will resist such attempt”. Our source noted strongly.

The Electoral Commission is preparing to close filing of nomination for both Presidential and Parliamentary elections on Monday, October 5, however the NDC says it will not ‘seal the candidacy’ of Miss. Ntim.

You will recall that TNT has been closely following a controversy about the Dual Citizenship status of the Parliamentary Candidate-Elect of Nsuta Kwamang- Beposo.

Even though she claims she has renounced her United States Citizenship status, many people, especially in her constituency have expressed doubt over her explanations, a situation that has capability of derailing her campaign.

What is worsening Miss Ntim’s plight is her explanation that the US embassy in Ghana aided her to renounce her status in an incredible two weeks when the process lasts from six months to one year.

The US Ambassador to Ghana, is also being asked to purge himself of Conflict of Interest in his position as Miss Ntim claimed she had a fast track reception due to her brother’s relationship with the Ambassador.

“We want the Ambassador to come out and explain if anybody at all can have this opportunity in just two weeks, and also tell us what qualified a person to receive such fast track treatment, otherwise this is a serious case of Conflict of interest”. A source stated.

Meanwhile, some concerned supporters of NPP in the constituency have renewed their determination to ensure that the leadership of NPP ensure the right things is done before their candidate-elect misses the opportunity to contest the December 7 polls.

They are therefore urging the NEC of the Party to publicly set the records straight on the matter to end the continued speculation over Miss Ntim’s nationality status with less than 70 days to December polls.

Source; tnt

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