Never use boiling water to make a cup of tea. Here is the reason

Tea is known as an aromatic beverage which is usually made by pouring hot water or boiling water over cured or fresh tea leaves.

Though the quantity of milk and sugar is dependent on the preference of each consumer, but the method of preparation has always been the same. That is, pouring boiling water over the tea bag in a mug, then waiting for it to brew before adding milk and sugar.

A professional food and drink taster, Martin Isark, has however disclosed that it is the most common mistake we all make when it comes to making classic brew.

Specifically, the food and drink taster expert says that you should shy away from the use of boiling water in making a traditional brew for the reason that it kills the nuances of the tea leaving you with just a strong flavour of dry, astringent tannins.

Martin says that boiling water was originally used when it was important to make sure that the water was safe to drink and not to brew the tea. Therefore, he gave an advise that you should allow the boiling water to cool down to 80 degrees before using it to prepare your cup of tea.

Source; opera news

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