Never throw away pawpaw seeds. Use them for these



Papaya, or pawpaw aa we normally call is the plant carica papaya, one of the 22 accepted species in the genus Carica of the family Caricaceae.

Its origin lies within the tropics of Americas, perhaps from central America and Southern Mexico.

However, in today’s article, we are focusing on only the papaya seeds coupled with its health benefits to the human body.


1. Papaya seeds are ingestible and can be eaten in moderation


2. Papaya seeds have several health benefits

3. The seeds can be consumed by turning them into powder or grinding them

Health Benefits of Eating Pawpaw Seeds

1 Papaya seed detoxifies kidney, liver and fights against cancer.

2 It kills worms; papaya seeds works well on all types of worms.

3. Consuming papaya seeds during periods is very helpful to ease cramps and muscle pain

4. Keeps Gut Healthy; papaya seeds contain proteolytic enzymes that kill bacteria and parasites residing in the intestines and that keeps the gut healthy.

5. Pawpaw seeds are fibrous in nature and that aid in digestion and help in preventing obesity.

6. The seed of papaya are also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids(oleric) which helps to lower bad cholesterol levels.

How to consume papaya seeds

Papaya seeds taste bitter and for that reason, it is advisable to grind papaya seeds and mix their powder form in sweet smoothies, juices or teas.

By so doing, the sweetness of sugar present in the smoothie will overpower the bitterness of the seeds for safe consumption.

Who cannot consume Papaya seeds?

Consumption of papaya seeds is not safe for pregnant women. Most health experts advice pregnant women to avoid eating papaya, as the seeds, root and infusion of the leaves can harm the fetus.

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