Never Succumb to defeat! Press on until victory is yours- Bishop Agyin Asare



Presiding Bishop for Perez Chapel International Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has boldly preached a message to his congregants in today’s church service.

Introducing the sermon, the renowned servant of God revealed that, Joseph had to go through trials and tribulations in order to be blessed by God.

Per his sermon, his brothers planned to get rid of him because they saw what would become of him, and as such in order not for his dreams to materialize, they came to a concensus to kill him without the knowledge of their parents.

By doing so, they captured him and endeavored to carry out their evil plot just when Joseph had been given food to be served to them in the wild.

Bishop Agyin continued in his narration that upon reaching the place, they put him a well, in an attempt to leave him there to die.


However, it took the timely intervention of some Egyptian traders who bought Joseph off and took him away.

There in Egypt too, things weren’t easy for Joseph.

From series of imprisonment to temptation from Portipha’s wife, Joseph still stood tall.

He never succumbed to defeat, until he was made king to oversee certain aspects of the kingdom.

Bishop Agyin Asaretherefore advised all and sundry who are going through similar trials never to succumb to defeat, but rather press on until victory is ruled in their favour if indeed, its the will of God.

Source; Opera News

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