Never Leave Your Slippers outside At Night, Here Are The Reasons

Please get this straight. Leaving your sandals or slippers outside at night while you go to sleep is very dangerous especially if you live in Africa?

If you are not aware of this, then avail yourself as this article explains to you why you should never leave your sandals outside at night.

I will not waste much of your precious time anymore. I will go straight to the point.

Below are some of the reasons why you should not leave your sandals outside your room at night;

1. Your Sandals or Slippers Can Be Stolen

There is no lenient thief in the world. If you leave your sandals outside at night premised on the notion that no thief will steal it because it’s of no value then you must be joking.

Thieves are strong believers of the popular adage, “No Mercy for the cripple”.

If you leave your sandals outside you may not see them the next day.

2. It can trigger a lot of spiritual problems for you

I have heard a litany of stories about people who started experiencing strange itches around their feet a day after their sandals were stolen.

This is very real in Africa. A lot of people who have bad intentions against their fellow neighbors resort to different evil ways to work against them through contagious witchcraft projections.

What they do is to take any item you use on yourself, cast a spell on it to manipulate your life by way of witchcraft. Please be careful. Here is Africa.

Thank you very much for reading this article.


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