NDC’s John Mahama Must Hear This

It’s almost 3am and man is not able to sleep. the pains from our defeat keeps increasing day after day come to think of it.

When prominent people, stakeholders, the grassroots call voluntarily to give information of how we facilitated our own defeat , is very unfortunate and painful.

The betrayal information against JDM/NDC coming inn. And I am wandering how some national /regional excutives would not voluntarily stepdown or resign to save face.

How can 450 to 650 pinksheets alleged stolen / missing at the headquarters ? Under whose care? No security cameras where it was kept? Who handles the keys during their storage?

After our internal audit of pinksheets, who are we holding responsible for shortages of recorded received numbers?
It’s even alleged some pinksheets and signatures from some agents in collation centers were sold for 50,000 above in Dollars and cedis depending on hotness of locations Ashanti, Eastern, central, upper east, Volta , Accra and northern region am told.

All where our NDC MPS lost due to luck of collation , while illegal declaration was done for npp is a compromised job from our own.

The least said about the useless performance at our IT sector the better.

How can GH 1.700.000.00( one million ,seven hundred thousand Ghana) just for I.T collation of results, gives us Binduri internet cafe results?

The IT sector Could not even create free common what’s up platforms for pinksheets collation from all 275 constituencies swiftly on election day? Even yam phones gh 50 each can text results with pictures of pinksheets swiftly on election day. Whyyyyyyyyyy now?

At 3:45 pm on election day our IT Excel system crushed to the bones like Chinese phones made in Binduri.

And our own people in our strong rooms called to inform our opponents ,how our system has crushed. So the npp took advantage of time against us, started giving out fake results to the media. Fake results coming from EC , fake results on our TV sets. Fake results all over. Fake victory for npp /Nana.
Why NDC, why ,why .

Every sector of our NDC election machinery has failed, people went to sleep. How could we do this to our selves?

Probity and accountability is the NDC mottor. We demand it
Stephen Atubiga.

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