NBU-YEC Trainees Charged Up By Gains From Former NBU Project



By Enock Akonnor, Editor-In-Chief

New trainees of the NBU-Youth Empowerment Center have been empowered by beneficiaries of the former NBU project.

The latter’s engagement with the former comprising those of the Alpha, Gamma and Beta cohorts has been marked as the first ever event of the NBU-YEC after their first three weeks of training.

It was held on Tuesday, 20th December, 2022 at the NBU-YEC office within the Asokore Mampong Municipality.


The meeting took the form of a panel discussion.

Speakers (past beneficiaries) inspired participants with their experiences and how their lives were revolutionized positively during and after their training.

Baliratu Basir (NBU Beta Trainee) who before her enrollment unto the NBU project training was unemployed currently works with Clean Team Ghans for the past 2 years.

Issah Abass (Gamma Trainee) is also a Branch Manager for Results Motors while Zainab Nuhu (Beta Trainee) and Hameedah Arhin now both own their own businesses, Zeestyrah’s Kitchen and Praise Soaps respectively.

They shared some of the lessons that shaped their career, challenges they faced during the training and how they overcame.

Others included goals they set for themselves and how they were able to achieve and support they received from the NBU.

In a joint admonishing, they encouraged the NBU-YEC trainees to focus on their goals amidst the exhibition of traits of determination and commitment.

Zainab Nuhu- CEO for Zeestyrah’s Kitchen challenged them not to give up.

She told them to take their lessons serious.

Zainab testified that the training she received is what motivated her to start and manage her own business.

Roberta Aryeetey- Coordinator for the NBU Youth Empowerment Center in an interview with the media challenged them to take cue from the stories shared by the past beneficiaries who sometime ago had no idea of what they should do.

She urged them to believe that once they have come to NBU-YEC there is hope that they can also find themselves a good place to be.


The NBU-YEC is a 2-year project; the second phase of thelded NBU project (implemented from 2017 to 2021 within the municipality).

It is funded by SOS Children’s Villages-Netherlands to sustain the gains achieved under the previous project.

The aim is to reach out to 400 disadvantaged young people.

Out of the figure, NBU-YEC is looking at covering 50% males and 50% females in Kumasi.

200 youth of the number are already part of the alternative care and family strengthening programs of SOS Children’s Villages in Ghana whiles the remaining 200 are expected from Kumasi and surrounding areas.

General objective is to contribute to improving inclusive employability for disadvantaged young people.

Active participation in activities of NBU-YEC will result in at least 400 disadvantaged young people

1. Making positive life choices
2. Taking actions to change their lives and
3. Having improved income and livelihood.

The project targets all categories of young people aged 18 to 35 and per the plans of the training, participants will be categorized into the following groups; Alpha, Betta and Gamma

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