NBU Project: “Men Schooled On Proper Handling Of Breast



Men have been advised to avoid sucking the breast of women during foreplay since it triggers a bad effect.

Though sucking breast does not cause cancer, medics at Peace and Love Hospital have explained that sucking leads to the emission of breast milk.

“Breast milk is solely meant for babies, hence there is no essence in sucking the breast as a grown up man.”

Comfort Boateng, Matron for the hospital told exclusively that men can only feel the breast but can’t feed on it.

“You can feel the breast but you cannot feed on the breast. Play and fondle with the breast but don’t suck it”, she admonished.


She also kicked against the squeezing of a lady’s or a woman’s breast during foreplay and when both partners are within the peak of orgasm, explaining that it creates pains within the breast.

She gave this counsel on the sidelines of a health screening program which was organised by officials of the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project at Asokore Mampong on Sunday 15th May 2021.


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