NBU Project: Parkoso Assemblyman Decries Community’s Support Against Crime



Assemblyman for Parkoso electoral area has decried the declined communal support towards the fight against criminal activities within his jurisdiction.

Hon Emmanuel Broni was elected into office last year 2020 and as part of his plans aimed at heightening the level of security instituted a 20-member security task force.

However, monthly financial incentives for each member of the task force pegged at GHs 200 and earned through household contribution (GH 10 per household) according to him are not forthcoming.

He announced at a town hall meeting organized under the auspices of the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project that unlike the early stages of its formation, high number of households have discontinued their monthly contribution and has as a result affected the delivery of the task force.

A membership of 20 has now reduced drastically to a 7-member security task force, explaining that 13 residents who were recruited for the service have resigned “because we don’t get money to pay them for the work they do”.


Hon Emmanuel Broni openly stated that he is disappointed by the posture exhibited by some of the residents towards the course of security.

He disclosed that he often foot the bills from his private coffers to address the needs of the task force including the provision of logistics.

“We assemblymen are not paid at the end of the month…We receive nothing” he lamented.

He therefore appealed to the electorates and residents to support the development of the electoral area.


As part of the objectives of the meeting, he threw a spotlight on developmental interventions implemented since he took over as the assemblyman.

Among them are the construction of mechanized boreholes (at Madina), lobbying for the mounting of road safety sign posts, construction of bridge, grading of Parkoso Estate road, clearing of choked gutters.

Residents were offered the opportunity to query him on his performance and other challenges faced within the electoral area.

Present at the event were; Officials of NBU, Asokore Mampong Municipal Director for National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Mr. Matthew Agbanu, Stool wife to Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Oheneyere Konadu Surokum, Executive Director for Network of Empowered Youth For Development (NEYOD) Dr. Terry Kessie, religious leaders among others.




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