NBU Project/NASPA Train National Service Personnel At Asokore Mampong

National Service personnel of Asokore Mampong Municipality have been empowered with enterprenuerial skills through the facilitation of their leadership.

Via a funding support from the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project, the above came into fruition through a day’s capacity building training held on Wednesday.

Officials of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA)- Asokore Mampong organised the program collaboratively with executives of NBU Project

It was aimed at equipping participants with enterprenuerial ideas to be able to start their own businesses.

Another objective was to charge them up on the need to utilize the knowledge they acquired in school and shun the idea of always relying on government and private institutions for job placement.

Leadership of the association held the event as part of the NSS week celebration.

Speakers were Mr. Sidick Abdul Razak (CEO for SAR Consult), Mohammed Muntala (media practitioner), Mr. Aikins A. Boateng (Health Practitioner), Assistant Municipal Director for NSS Mr. Justice Osei Tutu and President for Naspa Abdul Aziz.

In his presentation as the first speaker, Mr. Sidick Abdul Razak remarked that the status-quo of Ghana’s job terrain calls for more of self enterprising.

He explained that since both government and the private sector are unable to absorb all job seekers, it is required of Ghanaian youth to assume entrepreneurial posture.

“We cannot rely of government or private entities for employment”, he stated, adding that neither is it advisable for youth to continue relying on their parents or remain idle after graduating from school.

In a strong admonition, he charged the personnel to start thinking as people who can create job for themselves and for others.

Mr. Sidick stressed in his presentation that they can achieve the foregoing by identifying challenges within their respective environment and converting them into business opportunities.

Muntala Mohammed (media practitioner) also encouraged them to capitalize on the available social media platforms to create a business opportunity for themselves and make money out of it.

“Government cannot employ everybody”, he indicated.

President of Naspa in his address said that though majority of youth and national service personnel have ideas, they lack motivation to start their own business.

He asserted that many tend to fall on white-color jobs for survival as a result and that keeps hindering them from doing something for themselves.

Youth according to him should therefore be encouraged to start their own business.

At the event, some of the NSS personnel who are members of Naspa received certificate from the leadership in recognition of their dedication to the association during the period of 2020/2021 service year.


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