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NBU Enlightens Trainees On Domestic Abuse, Speaker Kicks Against Discussion On Radio

Mrs. Rita Krampa, Corporate Trainer and Family Life Coach has kicked against the discussion and attempts to settle domestic violence related issues on the airwaves.

The above has presently become a new trend adopted by a number of radio and television personalities as way of dissolving domestic issues especially those that errupt between married couples.

At a training program organised by the leadership of No Business As Usual (NBU) Project on the theme ” THE WORKPLACE IMPACT OF DOMESTIC ABUSE AND VIOLENCE”, she said that she personally don’t agree with victims who bring such issues for discussion on the airwaves especially those revolving around marriage.

According to her, such approach ends up worsening the situation.

“It makes the situation worse.”

Instead of bringing such matters on air, she suggested that host or hostess of such programs should consider settling it off-air , either through counselling or calling on arbitration.

” Yes people may run to the radio stations because they don’t see any help coming…If they go to the radio stations, presenters should do it off-air. It shouldn’t be aired for anybody to see or hear.”

She made this statement in an exclusive interview with after delivering a presentation at the training program.

In her presentation, Mrs. Krampa talked to participants on the causes of domestic abuse and violence and their impact on the working life of victims.

Mr. Haruna Yoda, Executive Director for Center for Community Livelihood Development was one of the speakers at the event.

He gave an overview of all what domestic abuse and violence entails and the impact on employers of such victims.

In his talk, he enlightened participants on the appropriate institutions they should report issues related to domestic abuse and violence.

He underlined in his presentation that a number of victims fail to report because they don’t know where to go.

Mr. Yoda also made a sad indication that though government has set up agencies to handle such issues, people are not taking advantage of them.

He therefore charged participants who were mostly youth of Asokore Mampong to pass on the knowledge to others.

Platforms was given by organisers of the event for participants to ask

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