Natural remedies to keep snakes away from your house



Snakes are very disturbing and one of the most dangerous creatures we live with on this planet.

Some are poisonous and others are not, but the sight of them puts fear in most of us.

Snakes can be helpful at times because they eat mice that perpetually disturb when we go to sleep.

Snakes are really relevant as in controlling pests and insects that destroy our plants. They destroy insects like cockroaches and insect larva.

Despite their benefits, humans detest to see a snake in their homes especially when there is a bush around the house where children use that as their playing ground.


Do not fret about the thought of being bitten by a snake because there are many natural ways to repel snakes from your house. As humans have its likes and dislikes so do snakes.

Here are natural remedies to keep snakes away from your house :

(1)Use of lemon grass

Have this tall and sweet-scented plant around your house as it produces citrus smell that snakes detest, mosquitoes also get repelled by this plant. You have to be cautious about it when they grow for they spread rapidly.

(2)Sweet wormwood

These plants also produce strong odour that repels snakes away. Growing this at the perimeter of your house would be helpful in getting rid of snakes from your house.

(3)Usage of cinnamon oil and clove oil

Oils like cinnamon oil and clove oil have the potentials of getting rid of poisonous snakes in your house. Spray this around your house for snakes become uncomfy when they come into contact with it; they have strong smell.


It’s very sad that many people don’t know other important benefits of garlic apart form their health benefits. As we all know, garlic has a strong scent and even certain humans detest it. Snakes also do not like the odour at all. Cutting a whole garlic into small parts and putting them at the corners and perimeters of your house would be helpful in getting rid of these snakes. You can also grind garlic and mix it with an oil (I suggest cinnamon oil to make it more effective), spray this around your house and you would be free of these poisonous animals.

(5)Powdered sulfur

Powered sulfur is also detrimental to snakes as they cause irritation to the skins of snakes when they come in contact with it. These will stop snakes from visiting your house. It is available everywhere in Ghana, especially the markets.

If you’re unfortunately bitten by a snake, do not try to suck out the poison or cut that part being bitten because the venom quickly spreads to the body tissues after the bite. First thing to do is to call for an ambulance, don’t panic and don’t move in order to slow down the spread of the venom. Remove watches or jewelry(if you wear one) if swelling occurs ;gently cover the bite with a clean dry cloth. Don’t try to stand because it will only speed up the spread of the venom, rather ask to be carried as you’re waiting for the ambulance.


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