Natural cure for poor eyesight



Many people have of late shifted to herbal medication which proofs to solve most of incurable diseases permanently.

The following are herbs that are capable of curing eye diseases or rather help in improving vision.


It is used in its liquid form as any eyewash to cure itching,irritating caused by allergies known as allergic

Conjuctivitis. It also used to manage Trachoma.


Grapeseen:When the juice of this plant is extracted,it is rich in antihistamine and antioxidant which are good for nourishing the eye.

Green tea: known of its famous antioxidant properties and also helps in losing weight, green tea also helps in removing dark circles around the eye.

Tumeric: This is famous enough for its antiseptic properties.It also helps reduce the oxidation in the eye lens, something which is the cause of many eye problems including Cataract.

Eye bright: This herb helps cure itching eyes and has been widely used in Europe.

Fennel:Helps to cure watery and inflamed can also be used to treat cataract and Glaucoma.

Source; opera news

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