My wife said I can’t handle her, see what I caught her doing 3 days later

It is very bad that many couples fails to go through a thorough marriage counselling and enlightenment before entering marriage, possibly due to love at first sight or some other factors.

We must understand that Marriage is a lifetime commitment and not some years contract so intending couples should know about this before making the decision to tie the knot with the man/woman of their choice.

However this particular man has taken to a popular social media platform calledTwitter.

He tweeted about the scary experience he is facing in his marriage and how the loving and caring wife he married turned into something different.

According to the man’s statement, his marriage has been so sw*et and happy because his wife has really proved to be the best thing that has ever happened to him.

But after some years later, his wife gave him a real shock as she told him that he cannot h*ndle her even after several years of marriage.

And the most saddest part of it all is that he caught his wife in a very horrible act.

According to him, he made it clear that, “My wife has always prove to be the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can attest to that.

After several years of marriage she told me that I cannot h*ndle her the way she wanted & I pleaded with her, but just three days later I caught with a very young guy with six pack”, man confesses.

Furthermore, in this kind of case who do you think should be blamed because the wife told her husband point blank that he cannot h*ndle her anymore so do you think the wife should be blamed after saying this.

In your words, if you are in the man shoes, what will you do if your wife/woman tells you about this. Will you accept it or work towards it?.

Give your honest opinion about this whole happenings.

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