My Uncle Drank Cocoa Powder Every morning, See What Happened To His Body

In fact there are so many people who prefer gorging on chocolates.

Others too do not like eating chocolates at all because of the fact that they think it is fattening and unhealthy.

For your information, Chocolates are derived from cocoa powder, which is produced just by crushing cocoa beans and removing the fat or cocoa butter.

Please get this straight; there are three kinds of cocoa plant. One is Forastero, the other is Criollo, and the third one is Trinitario.

Forastero is the popularly used cocoa powder.

Criollo variety too is embraced as a delicacy and Trinitario is a hybrid of Forastero and Criollo.

According to history, Spanish conquerors brought cocoa powder in Europe within the 16th century.

From there, it widely became popular as a medicine for promoting overall health.

Now here is the good news. Provided below are 7 health benefits of cocoa powder which perhaps you don’t know.

A. It trigers a reduction in high blood pressure.

This is so amazing. Cocoa powder can assist in decreasing the blood pressure by improving nitric oxide levels in the blood.

This is happens because of the presence of flavanols, which can improve the function of your blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

B. It also helps in Lowering depression.

Many consumers are not aware of this fact.

Cocoa powder is highly endowed with flavanols, which has the capacity to elevate mood and kick out symptoms of depression.

C. Consuming Cocoa powders helps in weight loss.

I know people who are fat will like this part.

Another key importance of cocoa powder is that it helps in regulating weight by reducing appetite, regulating the use of energy, and increasing fat oxidation and feelings of fullness.

D. Consuming Cocoa powder helps Improve heart health.

According scientific findings, the ingredient called flavanol found in cocoa reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol which further lowers the risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and other heart diseases. Flavanol helps in relaxing and dilating the blood vessels, which enhances blood flow to the heart.

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