My landlord called me to his room, see what he did to me

Note: Picture used for this piece is for the purpose of illustration

A lot of unmarried women are possibly going through this kind of horrible experience because of one thing or the other and due to their unbalanced financial status-quo.

This lady pour out a very sorrowful revelation about her life experience with her landlord, although the name of the Lady will not be revealed so as not to violate any laws and platform’s rules and to avoid lawsuit.

However looking at how this lady disclosed her sad experience indicates that there are some other ladies who maybe into this kind of mess just because of their inability to cater for their personal needs.

It is very discouraging and heartbreaking that some house owners/landlord do take advantage of this kind of situation to carry out their lustful pleasures.

According to the Lady, she made it known through a popular social media platform known as Twitter that her landlord called her to his room and asked her to g*ve herself to him and she will no longer pay rent.

According to the lady’s Statement via Tweeter, she said that, “I am not really in a good mood because sharing this kind ofexperience is so much hurting.

It is now 3 weeks that my landlord called me to his room and what he did to me was totally out of it.

My landlord told me point blank that I should only allow him in and I will no longer pay house rent”, Lady discloses.

In this kind of hard and tough situation, some ladies will succumb to the landlord request if they have no other option. Although the lady didn’t revealed whether she accepted the landlord offer.

But in your own view, do you think the landlord has done well?, or do you think the landlord should be severely punished for asking for this kind of thing?.

As a lady or guy, if you find yourself in this kind of hard situation, what will you do?.

Please kindly Share your opinion.

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