My Husband was lost. I found him in his friend’s Wardrobe Vomiting Money

Before I start the main story, I pray that may you never weep on your husband, children, friends and relatives.

In today’s articlr, I will share with you the emotional story of my beloved husband whose friend tricked into the burden of no revival.

My darling and beloved husband, Steven was a caring partner I have ever met. I’ve dated many men before I went for Steven eventually which made me realize that he was the most caring one who looked after me.

Steven was the Managing Director of a prominent Insurance Company in Lagos.

He had a friend, Chibuzo who frequently gave him a ride from Ibadan, his residence to his office in Lagos state.

In appearance, they were icons to represent a good friendship.

Mr. Chibuzo always purchased something for me whenever they arrived from work which made me like him as a good man.

He never abused me or reacted strangely to me. I loved his personality, let me confess.

After six months at work, my husband was given a brand new car, Lexus to aid his working career and most especially for his industrious tasks in boosting the company’s reputation to the peak.

I also knew my husband will surely be rewarded one faithful day because he never frowned at work. He hardly slept at home all in the name of work.

Since when my husband had been bestowed a brand new car, I seldom saw Mr. Chibuzo in our house which was not supposed to be so. I even expected him to come to our house and rejoice with me over the new car but he did not show up.

As a good wife, I wanted to ask my husband about his friend but I later shunned it. But I was very worried to know what was happening.

Some weeks later, I heard Mr. Chibuzo’s voice in front of our house calling my husband to be quick as he was set to go to work as usual.

My husband was in the bathroom then so I went outside, greeted him and told him about the new blessing (car).

He joyfuly exclaimed “Halleluyah!” and rejoiced with me.

He informed me that he could not wait till my husband was set but I should extend his greetings to him. At first, I wanted to ask him why we did not see him for some days but he left me as if he did not want to hear any other words from me. “What is wrong?”, I asked myself.

However, when my husband left the bathroom, I told him about his friend’s arrival and sharp leave. He sighed and told me not to be worried about what is happening between them.

But after long interrogation and frustration, he later told me that his friend traveled for weeks without telling him his whereabouts and he changed his number for us not to be able to reach him. “That is suspicious”, I thought. I then told my husband to be careful of him as we did not know his intention.

The next day, my husband was missing. I tried all my best possible to find him but all efforts were proved abortive. His friend had been located to another state with his family. I could not even reach him and he did not ask about his friend. There is something fishy, I kept saying.

One faithful day, I found my way to his new destination after forty years. He could not recognize me anymore and I did not introduce myself to him.

I was employed as the housekeeper despite my old age in his house. But his wife was suspecting me by recalling my face but whenever he asked if I knew someone called “Steven”, I denied him.

When I used almost 3 years with them, I had become their part and they trusted me. This gave me a little privilege to enter his room and her wife’s room. Therefore, one day, when I saw that no one was at home except me. I went straight to his room and opened his wardrobe with its key which he left at his bed only to find my darling husband vomiting money and very young.

I was shocked and surprise. My shock was for finding my missing husband in the wardrobe while my surprise was for his young look after 40 years in the burden. As I was about to go out of the room, I heard the approach of my boss (my husband’s friend) and I quickly found my way out.

Now, I am in my room thinking of what step I should take. Should I go to the police station to report him or shout at him in the house in the way that neighbors will intervene?

Please, what exactly is best for me to do next?

Source; opera news

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