My husband makes me do something before he sleeps with me. I’m scared

My Christian name is Angela. I am a young lady of 28 years of age. I got married to my husband four years ago, and we are blessed with two kids, a girl and boy.

My husband was transferred from Kano to Lagos six months ago and because of that I came to join him last two months.

When I came to Lagos, I met my husband living better than when he was living in Kano. I was happy when I met him that way.

However, there is something going on that I am soo scared about.

It is so strange to me because it was not like that while we were in Kano.

It was not like the way it used to be before we had our two kids. My husband makes me do something that seems soo strange to me.

He makes me to cross over him three times each time he wants to sleep with me. It is so strange and I am scared about this.

When I asked him why, he didn’t give me straight answer. I’m scared because I have heard issues of how people who join certain things to make money and I’ve heard how some men use their wife for rituals. But I am not saying that my husband is into something like that but I am scared about his strange attitude of making me cross over him three times before sleeping with me.

He was not doing such while we were in Kano and all through the times that we gave birth to our two kids.

Please, is it normal that I have to cross over my husband three times before he can sleep with me? Am I safe?

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