My Father’s Efforts Prevented Dictatorship In Ghana- Workaholic Agric Minister



Ghana’s Agric Minister Hon Owusu Afriyie Akoto has set the record straight that the efforts of his father Baffour Akoto plus that of other old late politicians was what prevented dictatorship in Ghana.

Though the involvement of his father in politics was short lived, he indicated that the impact of his contribution was mighty, insofar fighting against the enactment of a law aimed at establishing a one-party rule for Ghana.

“He was anxious that if people who loved freedom sat on the fence, Ghana would one day become a one-party state; an anxiety which eventually materialised.

Had he and his ideological allies like JB Danquah and K Busia and others not persisted the way they did, the negative impact of the one-party state as was introduced in 1958 would have been much greater”.

The Agric Minister Hon Afriyie Akoto made this statement in his address on the occasion of the 2021 RE: Akoto Memorial Lectures.


By Enock Akonnor; Editor-In-Chief

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