My Brother Drinks “Ataya” 3 Times Every Week…See What Is Happening To His Body



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I come your way today with some health tips on good sex life.

Many people rely on the use of artificial aphrodisiac to boost their stamina for sex.

We are surrounded by pure natural things and herbs that can equally help cure our sexual weakness and keep us fit with a minimal side effect.

One of these natural ways to increase sexual drive is the use of “ATAYA”.


Ataaya is a herb commonly used in Senegal.

Aside the numerous health benefits of the green tea; have you asked yourself why most people like enjoying it. It is exceptional when it comes to treating sexual weakness in men.

It is not expensive and preparing it doesn’t take much time. You can prepare it on either the gas stove or the use of charcoal.

For best results when using Ataaya;

Avoid using too much sugar when taking green tea.

The period before mating avoid the intake of too much pepper. It may differ but taking too much pepper before any rigorous activity makes you tired early.

Do not boil the green tea for long, at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Do not add milk and other sweeteners to change the bitter taste.

Always exercise regularly.

Eat healthy meals and at the right time.

Drink the tea regularly at least three times a week.

Note: You can consult your doctor first before using it, if you have any underlying health condition.

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