My Brother Chewed 2 Cola Nuts, See How He Gained His Man Power



The plant from which Kola nut is derived is very common in west Africa.

The botanical name of it is kola acuminate.The truth about this plant is that, the seed is edible and harmless to human body.

It has an nice aromatic scent and contains high amount of caffeine.

The colour of this edible seed is either white or red.

kola nut seed as we all know offer a lot of health benefits including proper regulation of the heart beat, normal blood flow, boosts appetite among others.


The shape of the kola nut is just like the shape of the human heart.

It can be chewed as food anytime your prefer.


Do you know that Kola nut can help to boost male bedmatic prowess by enhancing the strength of the male sex organ? This is very true.

The content of a kola nut irrespective of the color is believed to carry a strong nutrient that can strengthen the immune system and boost the male sexual vitality.


Please kindly follow these tips if you want to achieve an effective results.

A. Get the kola nut from any place you think it’s available.

B. Make sure you wash it nicely with salt solution to kill any microscopic germs on it.

C. Don’t give up. Wash it the second time to get it thoroughly cleaned.

D. Place them on a clean tray and allow them to dry.

Note: Do not keep them in the sun.

E. After the above, take one kola nut, bite it and chew it nicely.

F. Make sure you swallow the juicy content and spit out the leftover of the chewed nuts.

G. Make sure you repeat this practice every morning and evening. Twice a day

As you keep doing this, you start experiencing a heightened bedmatic energy.

You will never experience the problem of male impotency again.

Please take this caution serious;

The reddish color of the Kola nut has the ability to stain your teeth and alter it white looking nature.

I hereby advise you to brush your teeth as soon as you finish chewing it.

Do not procrastinate the cleaning of the teeth to another time.

If you do that, your teeth will change its colour.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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