My Boss asked me to kill it, I feel Soo guilty- Kofi Adoma

Ghanaian broadcast journalist Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii, has disclosed that he was in his car with his Boss last Friday when a very big snake crossed them.

He said that his Boss advised him to kill the harmless and innocent animal with his car but he refused.

According to his narration, his Boss got out of the car and killed the snake with stones.

From then, he has been feeling so guilty for watching his Boss kill the animal.

He said he felt he should have begged for him to stop Killing it .

He gave reason that he do not see the reason why humans should kill snakes when they appear harmless.

He disclosed that he still feels guilty and has advocated for the sparing of the life of all animals. He is therefore begging all and sundry to spare the life of animals.

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