“Mr. P.O.P” ??? Here Is How To Propose To A Woman

Welcome home my dear friend.

In fact this article is neither for the Casanova’s nor for the rich guys who easily have their way with women with cash.

It is for men who are genuinely crushing on that woman but sadly do not know the right button to punch.

Per custom, women are forbidden to approach men let alone propose to them.

Modern ladies are violating this inhibition to inform men what they feel from the bottom of their heart.

This new approach is misinterpreted by egoistic men to mean that the woman is helpless and very cheap.

So Mr. Man, if you really want that lady and you want to initiate something, let me help you out with this basic tip.

Before you start a conversation, give subtle sign that you are really interested in her.

Just look straight into her eyes but do so sparingly.

If she reciprocates it with an equal gesture then praise God. It is safe sign to begin your conversation.

Please never use the normal pickup lines guys use often.

Many females are familiar with this technique so you might be rejected if you armed yourself with one.

Please be sincere and say something complimentary about her appearance.

When you get rid of your own anxiety and low confidence, the communication will roll naturally.

If you have a good sense of humour, it will be highly advantageous.

Always try to be a good listener and attentive. Whenever she is through with a comment, try and ask a follow-up question.

Keep the conversation informal and ‘conversational.’

I beg you, be careful not to blab about topics that will piss her off.

For example if she is a supporter of John Mahama and you start mocking him in the wake of the NDC’s defeat in the recent election, you could ruin everything. If she laughs and touches you whilst you are delivering your speech, it simply suggests that she is getting into your groove.

When it is time to end the communication, employ an equally effective strategy so you do not ruin your hard work.

First of all, offer a positive statement in the likes of , ‘I enjoyed your company.”

Thank you very much for reading. I hope did not waste your data.

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