Most Policemen Don’t Follow These Laws. Should We Take Them Serious?

Are you aware that a number of police officers in Ghana don’t comply with the code of conduct regarding their profession?

Provided below is the code of conduct of police officers in Ghana.

Draw the attention of authorities if you notice that am officer is violating any of them.

Ghana Police Service Code of Ethics


(From Code of Conduct/Ethics for the Ghana Police Service)

1. Police officers shall at all times act impartially and in accordance with existing laws, which must be enforced on all persons without discrimination.

2. Police officers shall respect and protect human dignity, maintain and uphold rights of all persons.

3. Police officers shall perform their duties without partiality and discrimination to all persons.

4. Police officers shall treat all suspects as innocent persons, politely, respectfully and professionally

5. Police officers shall respect and uphold the rule of law.

6. Police officers shall ensure that they treat all persons in a courteous manner and that their conduct is exemplary and consistent with the demands of the profession and the public they serve.

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