Morgue chaos; shortage of coffin hits Brazil



Brazil is currently experiencing a national shortage of coffin due to a surge in coronavirus leading to a morgue chaos.

Death is shooting up in Manaus so much that coffins are being stacked on top of each other in trenches of a city cemetery.

In Amazon, a city of Manaus, so many people have died within days in the coronavirus pandemic that coffins had to be stacked on top of each other in long, hastily dug trenches in a city cemetery.

Per reports, relatives reluctantly chose cremation for loved ones to avoid burying them in those common graves.


Now, with Brazil emerging as Latin America’s coronavirus epicentre with more than 6,000 deaths, even the coffins are running out in Manaus.

Premised on the foregoing, the national funeral home association is begging for an urgent airlift of coffins from Sao Paulo, 2,700km (1,677 miles) away, because Manaus has no paved roads connecting it to the rest of the country.

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