MMDCEs’: “Disallow Chiefs From Interfering…Sack Them” – Akuffo-Addo Told



Dr. Mohammed Issah Ababio, Chairman for a Kumasi-based NPP pressure group called “Asanteman Nkosuo NPP Mpuntuo” has called on President Akuffo-Addo to ignore Chiefs who are lobbying for the appointment of persons of their choice for MMDCE position.

He is of the opinion that since traditional leaders per the general knowledge are considered as non-partisan dignitaries, they shouldn’t in anyway be allowed to meddle themselves in issues related to political appointments.

Dr. Ababio remarked in an audio intercepted by www.leakynews.net that he has observed that a number of traditional leaders are seriously channeling their requests through to top government officials for the retention and naming of some MMDCEs who even performed poorly during their tenure.

He called on President Akuffo-Addo and top party officials to sack such traditional leaders from their office, giving reason that “if during campaign season you (Chiefs) told us that Chiefs are not allowed to do politics, then it suggests that when it comes to political appointments Chiefs should not be allowed to interfere. “.

For Dr. Mohammed Issah Ababio, if there is anyone to listen to, it should be party followers who are at the grassroot level and not Chiefs.


He explained that “those at the grassroot campaigned vigorously for the party during 2020 and we know some MMDCEs who performed creditably within their jurisdiction and for the victory of the party. There are other MMDCEs who performed poorly and therefore deserves no re-appointment from the President. They only massed up wealth for themselves. Such people should be kicked out of office without favour”

In his message to the President, he expressed that “we members of the party at the grassroot are carefully observing how the appointment will go. If Nana Addo names those who fall within our choice, it will suggest that the party has a great future. Anything contrary to that will mean Nana Addo wants to cause a great harm to the party.”

Source; www.leakynews.net

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