“Misapplication Of Agro Chemicals Affecting Herbal Medicine”- Dr. Amagashie

Multiple award-winning herbal practitioner, Apostle Dr Samuel Amagashie has set the record straight that misapplication of agro chemical products is causing the extinction of ecological resources in the country.

He has explained that the unprofessional utilization of pesticides, insecticides, weedicides and other chemicals by farmers is gradually phasing out of existence some herbs, trees, mushrooms, snails and other flora and fauna.

Speaking to the media, Apostle Dr Samuel Amagashie CEO for Amagashie Herbal and Spiritual Clinic added that, the use of such chemicals have impacted hugely on the environment.

He therefore admonished Ghanaians to think about the health and general wellbeing of consumers of farm produce, saying applying chemicals to foodstuffs have dire consequences on human and animal lives.

He said if care is not takeb, there will come a time where Ghanaians will found it difficult to get natural herbs to treat patients in the country.

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