NPP Communicator ‘Slaps’ Metro Mass Boss, Calls For His Dismissal

A member of Northern Regional NPP Communication team Alhaji Baba Alhassan is pushing for the immediate dismissal of the current Managing Director for Metro Mass Transport Mr. Albert Adu Boahene

Alhaji Alhassan who is also the former Tescon Communication Director and former Communication Director for Tamale South has indicated that the MD has incured great debt on the company, explaining that the company ” is currently heavily indebted to (fuel, spare pparts, logistics) suppliers”. According to him, salary payments to staff has over four years now been paid in arrears and unduly delayed.

He explained in a press statement that the company under his administration is unable to procure and supply spare parts for bus repaira and maintenance.

Among other issues, he noted that the MD has proved himself incompetent to man the position and should therefore be substituted with a capable person.

Below is a copy of the press statement;

Metro Mass Transit Ltd (MMT) is currently facing financial challenges, management and leadership challenges and policy challenges.

The current Managing Director, Albert Adu Boahen took over as Acting Managing Director on April 18, 2018 and subsequently confirmed in October 2018.
He took over at a point when the company was routing about 450 – 500 buses daily. Two years down the line the company now routes less than 180 buses a day.


Financial Challenges :

The company is currently heavily indebted to (fuel, spare parts, logistics) suppliers. Salary payments to staff has for over a year now been paid in arrears and unduly delay. The company is unable to procure and supply spare parts for bus repairs and maintenance.

Management and Leadership challenges:

The MD has not added any value to the company since he took over and this is evident in the fast declining number of operational buses. Buses are parking on daily bases. There are no spare parts to maintain and repair buses. Existing policies by the MD is preventing minor bus repairs at the various depots. Imagine that a bus goes out to bring in Ghc 3,000.00 or more yet that same bus which needs as low as Ghc 200.00 or Ghc 500.00 for repairs and /or maintenance to go out there and bring in more money will have to park because policy wise, depots cannot use part of the generated revenue to fix the bus. Yet the company’s stores also do not stock any spare parts for bus repairs and maintenance. So buses continue to park for very minor faults.

Policy wise, the various depots pay all revenue generated from operations into the Headquarters accounts and a portion will be transferred to the various depots as operational imprest for the management of the depot (ie for handling administrative and operational costs including minor bus repairs and cleaning of buses at the depot). Yet for more than a year now depots have not been provided readily available imprest for the management of the various depots. It is important to note that MMT depends on Internally generated funds and these funds are generated at depots only. The Headquarters does not generate any revenue.

The MD since he took over has centralised payment of fuel bills at the headquarters. All depots pay the cost of fuel used by the various buses into a Headquarters controlled fuel account on daily basis for Headquarters to pay off the fuel bills. While depots religiously pay these fuel monies into the said fuel account, Headquarters has refused to pay off these fuel bills for a long while now. Only Headquarters can explain what they use the fuel monies for. This has led to huge indebtedness to the fuel Supplier, Goil. There is now inconsistent fuel supply and intermittent fuel supply cuts to the various depots which disrupts operations.

Management of the company led by the MD has for more than 24 months now refused to pay statutory social security tiers 1, 2 and 3 contributions deducted from employee salaries to various statutory bodies as they should. Tier 1 contributions to SSNIT have been in arrears for which SSNIT has sued the company. Tier 2 and tier 3 contributions deducted from employee salaries have not been paid for more than 24 months now. Come to think of it, if these statutory deductions have not been paid for some 6 to 8 months, one can easily attribute it to financial challenges but more than 24 months of non payment is a clear demonstration of lack of commitment and disregard for employee welfare and wellbeing by management and the MD. The company has refused to pay all other deductions effected on employee salaries by the company’s payroll system (such staff welfare contributions, staff welfare loan repayments, staff personal insurance policies and investment packages) to appropriate recipients for over a year now.

Victimisation, maltreatment, harassment and demoralistion of staff and key personnel:

The MD has over the past year sacaked more than 1000 staff in the name of ensuring discipline and curbing malpractices and revenue leakages. Yet he has no proper result to show for it. The financial position, revenue generation and operational health of the company has not the least improved. Hundreds of field staff being drivers, conductors, mechanics and supervisors have resigned from the company in the past one year. Upto 10 critical staff including depot managers have resigned in the past year. The MD has refused to corroborate the effort of the various depot and regional managers and field officers including key operational figures to improve the operational fortunes of the company. Instead of rallying their support and commitment he resorts to attacking, demoralising, targeting and hounding these critical staff with needless compulsory transfers. Never in the history of this rather vibrant and promising company has there been this massive staff attrition rate than under the leadership of this MD. The fortunes of MMT is fast dwindling and Operations is grinding to a halt.

MMT currently needs a strategist, a leader who listens to good advice and has strong managerial expertise, business acumen and strong political influence to turn the fortunes of MMT around. The current MD clearly lacks these qualities and does not have anything more to offer MMT. He us just clueless. In other for us to break the eight, the President should appoint someone who has the capacity to manage MMT very well and a grassroots man…
Long live NPP!

Alhaji Baba Alhassan
( Voice of the voiceless )

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