Message For All Unemployed Graduates In Ghana

“While in the University, KNUST, I used to order ‘fried rice’ from The Dish Restuarant near the Kumasi Sports Stadium and personally deliver to colleague students ( including ladies at Africa Hall. I didn’t have to be shy) and working professionals in Kumasi. I made agency fees to top up my diminished funds. Don’t forget, while selling food, I was also President of the Land Management and Development Students Association, a member of the SRC and helped establish the first Student Membership of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors,(made up of Building Tech, Geodetic Engineering and Land Economy students.) I still found time to sell ‘fried rice’. However, I had learned enterprenuership by doing. I actually helped my late mum sell fish from age 11 through ‘O’-level and ‘A’- level education. I learned to be enterprenuerial from adversity and the impact was life-changing. If you are a graduate from a modest and poor home waiting for ‘coat-coat’ jobs without having done time with your head and hands, then you will have a hard time being independent. If you are a graduate and have been idle for eons after finishing school, this is not the time to look up to government for jobs- as there are no funds to hire. Start something. Offer to be a sales person for any good company , any covid-19 related company, self-appointed covid-19 ambassador offering to teach people about safety tips and getting agency fees from selling covid-19 products, find friends who will join up resources to start a business. Do not add to the crumbling wage bill in the public sector. Do not think you are too big a graduate to do some type of work . Remember, survival before growth. You can choose hunger too. Happy May Day.”- Franklin Cudjoe

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