Men: home remedy for errectile dysfunction using guava and pawpaw leaves



Erectile dysfunction is something that has destroyed many marriages.

Many families have broken down because of this issue.

It doesn’t speak well in a family, for man not to perform well on bed. No matter how we care for our wives, we must be able to perform well in bed when it comes to the issue of sex.

Then apart from satisfying our women, we must also enrich the eggs that we supply to women because it is what is given to them that will react together with their eggs to produce foetus that would develop into babies.


This article will tell you how you can improve the Level of our libido using Guava and Pawpaw Leaves.

How Can Improve Our Libido Using Guava And Pawpaw Leaves.

The Fresh Guava Leaves will be boiled along together with the Pawpaw Leaves for 35 minutes.


We take a tea cup in the morning before meal and at night after meal. When Taking it for Like five days, there must be improvement.

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