Men beware if a lady shows any of these signs to you



When you haven’t experienced the shock of broken heart before you may not attach the value of time, money, and resources you invest in a relationship.

You will come to realize that it is not a joke to have wasted your time and money that way.

On many occasions there are always signs that a woman shows a man when her heart is out of the relationship. As typical as men are, we are often deluded to think they are hormonal changes or mood swings.

Whatever that changes a woman mood is worth noting simply because one day her decision to leave the relationship will be based on that.

Every man must take notice of these signs and act on it as soon as possible before it escalate to disaster.


1. Angry Over Unnecessary stuffs and frequently
This is a red flag for you as a man. When a woman begins to create and exaggerate issues that are rather consumable and harmless and makes it seems like a big deal, start making preparations to welcome any eventuality or just know that something is going on you are not aware of. Very often the interpretation is that she is trying to find a reason to leave you for someone else. Or her mind is made up not to take the relationship further.

2. Making her phone not accessible to you
This is another sign you must look out for. It is normal when from the onset you regard each other’s phone as private but it is absolutely abnormal when it isn’t the norm. When a woman enhances security features on her phone like passwords, taking her phone to the bathroom for bathing and cant blink an eye on her phone, then there are some activities going on her phone she doesn’t want you to see or know. She has other engagements somewhere and very private to her. That’s is the first interpretation. Secondly, she doesn’t have the bond of settling down with you. She is killing a bird with a stone. She can leave you midway.

3. She Can’t say I love you to you in public.
Just know that she is not your girlfriend once she is unable to do that. Women are often very proud of who they are truly dating and always want their best friends and neighbors to know when the need be. Once she is reluctant to reciprocate I love you in public, there is a big question mark to ask yourself. The simple interpretation is that you are not really who she loves. You are just there occupying space.

4. She doesn’t want you to meet her friends.
This is another sign of danger. She has friends but never wants you to meet them. Always finding an excuse to prevent that from happening. A girl told her supposed boyfriend she won’t be celebrating her birthday and that she just want to be indoors and pray to God, but later found out it was all lies just to prevent the boy from coming around to see her because of her friends.

5. When she is cheating on you.
When you come to know that your girlfriend is cheating on you, it is a warning sign. Even if she apologizes, she will leave you in your most difficult times. She is not reliable and can’t be trusted. Don’t be blind with love to assume she will change overnight.

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