Meet The Lady Behind MTN’s Voice That Says “The number you’re trying to call is switched off”

So many people have in one way or the other heard the lovely voice of the lady who is behind the MTN customer care that often tells us whether a number is not dialed correctly , is switched off or the number is out of coverage area.

In fact I am aware that most of us might be wondering who this lady is.

Well, this lady is always available to redirect and control our calls before the connect to our intended family and friends and most illiterates may not know that the audio is prerecorded.

She is called Kpomotso Christopher. She is a South African born woman who worked with the South African owned mobile communications network. She doubles as a voice over artiste.

This lady was born on the 25th of March 1979.

She is also an actress by profession too , kpomotso and has acquired Bachelor of Arts from the university of Durban.

Within the year 2018 to the surprise of many, she disclosed to the world that she was the one behind the MTN costomer care voice which mostly irritates people when they are out of airtime but had gotten used to her voice overtime.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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