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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams is a highly respected and globally known minister of God within the sphere of charismatism both in Ghana and on the global front.

He is the founder and Overseer of the Action Chapel International, one of the fastest growing churches which has numerous branches in Ghana, USA and many other countries.

The Archbishop is sometimes known as the “Father of the Charismatic Movement in Ghana” for his immense contribution in sowing the seed of charismatism in the country.

He is also a highly reputed Man of God who has a very outstanding style of preaching and prayer admired by many.


Whenever his name comes up in the media (and it does often), it’s almost always for good reasons.

However, things have not always been as rosy with Duncan-Williams as they may seem to be most times. In the early 2000s, he was wrecked by an debilitating breakdown of his marriage of over 25 years to his ex-wife, Francisca.

As highly prestigious as his reputation was at that time, a divorce was absolutely the least he wished would be tagged with his name.

Unfortunately, all the countless prayers and counseling sessions with respected pastors could not save his marriage ship from drowning.

Indeed it was a painful experience, but the Archbishop did not let this incident weigh him down to the bottom. He bounced back even stronger than expected.

In 2008, Duncan-Williams awed the world with his marriage to his new and current wife, Rosa Whitaker, a globally renowned entrepreneur and changemaker.

Rosa Whitaker, now Lady Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams, is an African-American woman who was born in Washington D. C, the capital city of the USA, in 1960. She earned her first degree as well as her Masters degree from the prestigious University of America in Washington D. C. Whitaker established herself as a globally sought-after asset especially with the establishment of her own organization, The Whitaker Group (TWG) in 2003.

The Whitaker Group was founded as a a project development, transaction advisory and investment facilitation firm focusing specially on the African continent. It took special interest in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’ivoire among others. Prior to the establishment of the group, Whitaker served as the first Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa under the administrations of James Clinton and George Bush. During this period, she played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of an African trade policy known as the African Growth and Opportunity Act, AGOA, which grants many African products duty-free access to the market of the US.

Almost around this same period, Whitaker served as the lead US Negotiator in trade engagements with the African market.

She, thus, used the opportunity to strengthen the American economic relationship with many African countries alongside creating massive opportunities for both sides. She made this largely possible by starting the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) Office of African Affairs. She is also reported to have served as the Senior Trade Advisor to a reknowned US congressman, Charles Rangel, prior to joining the USTR.

Whitaker’s group, TWG, since it’s inception, has massively boosted the market of Africa. In 2014, it was reported that the projects in infrastructure and development initiatived in the continent by TWG amounted to $ 7, 000, 000.

It is therefore no surprise that she’s been honored with numerous awards for her immense contribution to the development of Africa.

Some of her awards include the Face2Face Africa Trailblazer Award, Africa Economic Builders’ Award and the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards.

It’s indeed undeniable that Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams is a blessing to Africa, and to be married to one of the top pastors in continent is a double blessing. Cheers to more years of a happy marriage. 

Source; Opera News

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