Many Christians In Africa Are Powerless These Days, Here Are The Reasons

As a matter of fact, when I call to memory how that Kenneth Hagin’s kids would leave their praying Daddy for school in the morning and return in the evening to meet him still praying, it tells me straight forward that I am joking with my prayer life. They take dinner and he is still praying. they go to bed leaving him still in prayer. Arghhhh! In fact I am PRAYERLESS OOOOOO

When I call to memory how T. L Osborn locked himself in a room and prayed for 36 days stretch Arghhhh, I agree I am PRAYERLESS OOOOOO

When I call to memory how Apostle Ayodele Babalola’s shortest prayers lasted 3-4 hours It always makes me bow my head in shame. According to history, they called him to come and pray for a TV station and he prayed in tongues for 3 days stretch, kaiiiiii HE LOST CONTROL!!!!

He organised crusades outside the country, yet never travelled by air or land but used to disappear at will?

When I call to memory that this was a man that could pray for 52 days stretch kaiiiiii, I agree, I am PRAYERLESS OOOOOO

When I call to memory a story on how a satanist was flying in the sky and he saw a very large wall of fire preventing his way, I’m always challenged. According to the story, he sent a demon to find out what the problem was, but the demon never came back, he sent another one, the same story, eventually he summoned satan and questioned him on what the problem was, and satan answered him, ” that’s Kumuyi praying, even me I can’t go there” Arghhhh even SATAN was afraid?!!! I am PRAYERLESS OOOOOO

When I call to memory a story on how that John Carbine of Geneva, Switzerland, prayed for Geneva so much that there is no home in Geneva without a prayer warrior, haa! It is on record that he gave them a generational disease, PRAYEEEEEERRRR How many generations have you affected sir/madam?

When I call to memory that John Knox’s prayer affected Scotland so much that 10 years after his demise, there were no beer parlours in Scotland. Haaaa, sir/madam, how many nation’s have you conquered

When I reflect on how W. F Kumuyi went to Edo state and saw a demonic tree, he told the state Overseer that how can you be here and the kingdom of darkness is prevailing here, as soon as he said that and they left the tree, the tree caught live fire.  Indeed I’m PRAYERLESS OOOOOO

My dear Christian brother, if you feel the same way, please pray this prayer in Jesus’ mighty name.

Dear Jesus, please do me a favour, LOCK ME IN THE PRAYER ROOM AND THROW THE KEY AWAY!

Fire up my Prayer life oh Lord!

God bless you very much for reading.

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