Amansie West: 35 Assemblymen Fight For Reappointment Of DCE Hon Ollenu



35 elected Assembly members out of 39 of the Amansie West District have kicked against call for the dismissal of their DCE Hon Nii Lartey Ollenu.

On Sunday 23rd May 2021, they gave the government official a massive endorsement at a press briefing which was held at the assembly, amidst a strong defense that Hon Ollenu deserves to be retained in office owing to “his impactful and evergreen administration”.

They cleared the air that accusations spewed out by detractors (some few assembly members) that the DCE has not put out any satisfactory delivery since his assumption into office is a calculated ploy hatched to soil his reputation, discredit his performance and ultimately get him out of office.

“Just two years in office, the impact of Hon Ollenu’s administration is what has earned the district its present impressive status-quo”, they indicated.



Addressing the media, Presiding member for the Assembly Hon Domnic Adjei named a litany of projects put up by the DCE.

They are;

  • Completion of boys’ dormitory at Mansoman Senior High School
  • Renovation of classroom blocks of Nkasu D/A Primary school
  • Renovation of Manso Nkwanta D/A Primary school,
  • Renovation of Manso Dominase D/A Primary School
  • Construction of 1
    a 12 unit classroom block at Mansoman SHS, Manso Atwere
  • Ongoing construction of Dominase D/A Primary school
  • Construction of 1 No. 4 unit self contain bedsitter, teacher’s quarters with porch, toilet, kitchen, bath and mechanised borehole with overhead tank at Nyadeyeya
  • Construction of 3 unit SDA Upper classroom block at Antoakrom
  • Awarding of best performing students
  • Procurement and distribution of 500 Mono desk to schools
  • Construction of district fire station at Manso Nkwanta
  • Ongoing Manso Nkwanta Divisional police headquarters
  • Construction of Police station at Pekyi No.2
  • Construction of satellite market with mechanised borehole and toilet facilities at Antoakrom among others.

On political contribution, assemblyman for Oman Adwaay3 Hon Kwabena Antwi-Boasiako recalled how the DCE toiled so much for NPP during the voters’ registration exercise.

He defended that the DCE fed all party agents for 36 days during the registration including EC officials.

Aside the above, he added that “Hon Ollenu also went round to monitor how things were going at each registration centre. He did a similar things during the 2020 general election. This man (DCE) went round all the pooling stations, fed party agents and monitored how voting and counting were going”.

Premised on the above, the assembly members appealed to His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo to retain him in office.

Below is a copy of their press statement;


Ladies and gentlemen from the inky fraternity, colleagues Assembly members, Constituency
Executives of the Manso Nkwanta Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Electoral Area Co-ordinators, Polling Station Executives, the rank and file members of the NPP, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for meeting our invitation to this occasion at such a short notice.

We have converged here to respond to, throw more light on and set the record straight on a press
conference organized on Sunday, May 16, 2021 by some NPP members of Manso Nkwanta
Constituency (MNC).

They are Alhaji Abdul Malik Anokye (Nasara Co-ordinator) , Alhaji Salifu
Gyasi (Member of Council of Elders) Mr. Elijah Osei Bonsu (Electoral Area Co-ordinator) for Pakyi No.2 and Mrs. Margaret Ofori, Constituency Deputy Women Organizer on the on-going nomination process of candidates for the position of a District Chief Executive for Amansie West District.

The organizers called on the President to reject the nomination of Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu on a number of issues they raised and we shall presently deal with them one after the other as follows;
(a) Constituency Chairman’s declared support for Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu as the sole candidate for
(b) The D.C.E, Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu is not a grassroots person and chooses when to answer
(c) Unprecedented projects
(d) The D.C.E never took part in the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Campaign and that
enabled the National Democratic Congress to garner over ten thousand (10,000) votes for the
first time.
(e) A number of uncompleted projects by two of Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu’s predecessors, Hon.
Alex Kwame Bonsu (under NDC) and Hon. William Asante Bediako (under NPP) have been
completed by the DCE and listed among his achievements.
(f) The D.C.E has awarded all the contracts by the Amansie West District Assembly to the
Constituency Chairman, Mr. Samuel Owusu Ofori who does shoddy works.

(g) The D.C.E has not met the Pakyi No.2 community since assuming office and therefore
unknown to about ninety percent (90%) of the citizens.
(h) Settling of personal scores.

Assembly members wish to strongly dissociate ourselves from the statement that the D.C.E,
Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu has not performed and do not support his bid for nomination as the
organizers stated at the press conference.

Hon. Assembly members as representatives of the various communities at the District Assembly have had fruitful and enjoyable working relationship with the DCE.

He has within the prescribed
and affordability limits of the Amansie West District and the Central Government executed His
Excellency, the President’s development agenda for the citizens of Amansie West District.

Indeed, the President through Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu has executed unprecedented projects and
programs in the area of health, agriculture, education, water and sanitation, digitization, improved
communication access and skills training and entrepreneurship among others to improve living

And on that score and per the feedback we have gathered from our communities, we feel satisfied with Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu’s performance.

We are in total support of not only the Constituency Chairman’s appeal but any other one with an underlying principle of objectivity by
any individual or group for the re-nomination of Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu

We find it interesting to say that it is wrong that Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu has completed projects
initiated by two of his predecessors and listing them in a brochure as part of his achievements and
to the extent the NPP government under President Nana Addo Darkwah Akufo-Addo.

Far from
that way of reasoning, it is instructive to note that a good leader is one who understsnd the value for money and efficient use of public funds who first think of completing uncompleted projects so they don’t became a burden at extra cost when they deteriorate with time. The organizers in the
sprint of fairness should have rather commended the DCE for being proactive.

Where a chairman is said to have declared his support for the DCE, Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu it remains
his right to do so.

Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu is a real grassroots activist contrary to the statement made by organizers of
the press conference. Very mindful of the role of the grassroots as the support base in the
organization and participation of any political party adopted five (5) polling and contributed cash
towards the December 7, 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections for grassroots activities.
He has, on assumption of office, met all Polling Station Executives, Electoral Area Coordinators
and has been part of a number of executive meetings with Electoral Area Coordinators.
In furtherance of grassroots participation, Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu and the Constituency Chairman,
Mr. Samuel Owusu Ofori have purchased and distributed twenty-seven (27) brand new motorbikes
to Electoral Area Coordinators who serve as the liaison between the Constituency Headquarters
and the grassroots to enhance party activities. And Elijah Osei Bonsu an electoral area co-ordinator
for Pakyi N0.2 and one of the organizers of the press conference on May 16, 2021 is a beneficiary

It is disingenuous of the highest order to tag Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu for not participating in any of
the campaign processes in the said election. He was a member of the Constituency Campaign
Team and an active member as such and could not have shirk that responsibility. Perhaps, the
organizers have limited understanding of the, meaning, definition, description and scope of the
subject being considered politically.
Broadly speaking, any activity undertaken with a view to influencing potential voters to vote or
tow a particular political ideology or line of one’s preference constitutes campaigning. Drawing
the line, campaigning commences with registration, exhibition and voter transfer exercises through
to the conduct of elections before declaration of results.
We present below a number of activities undertaken by Hon, Nii Larteh Ollenu during Election 2020;
Voter Registration
1. Prepared and distributed three hundred (300) packs of food daily during the voter registration
exercise for thirty-five (35) days.
2. Procured 1000 packs of bottled water at GH¢ 12.00 per pack to support the registration exercise.
Total cost is GH¢ 12,000.00
3. Visited all registration centers.

4. Hired three (3) vehicle to mobilize people during the backup period.
Before The Election
1. Prepared 2,000 copies of brochure at a cost of GH¢20,000.00 covering projects undertaken by our
government from 2017 to 2020 and distributed them to people within the constituency through
Electoral Area Coordinators and at debars at the various campaign gatherings.
2. Supported my Parliamentary Candidate, Hon. George Obeng Takyi now MP for Manso Nkwanta
constituency with cash of GH¢20,000.00
3. Supported my Parliamentary Candidate with GH¢6,500.00 in respect of Bill Boards he erected.
4. Supported Constituency Executives with GH¢ 20,000.00
5. Supported NPP Assembly members caucus with GH¢5,000.00
6. Scheduled a lot of activities/program prior to the election with the view of marketing our
Parliamentary Candidate. Some of the activities are;
a. Inauguration of Area Councils at Ahwerewa and Manso Nkwanta
b. Commissioning of Police Station at Ahwerewa.
c. Commissioning of Police Station at Essuowin.
d. Sod-cutting for the construction of Divisional Police Headquarters at Manso Nkwanta
e. Sod-cutting for the construction of six(6) Unit classroom block with office, store, computer lab,
staff common room, 8-seater WC Toilets, Mechanized borehole and furnishing at Antoakrom
f. Sod-cutting for the construction of small-town water project with 9 public stand pipes at Pakyi
No. 1.
g. Launching of Rural Electrification Project at Pakyi Camp.
h. Sod-cutting for the construction of 40 Bed Capacity Hospital at Manso Nkwanta.
i. Procurement and distribution of relief items worth GH¢ 104,000.00 to People with Disabilities.
j. Organization of Farmer’s Day
7. Paid for the labour cost of GH¢ 2,000.00 for mounting 1000 party flags on electricity poles.
8. Organized a grand durbar at Manso Nkwanta to host our President on 1st December, 2020 and hired
40 Sprinter buses to mobilize party members from other communities to the durbar grounds at a
cost of GH¢ 16,000.00
9. Paid GH¢ 10,000.00 to support the printing cost of T-shirt with the image of our President and
Parliamentary Candidate.
10. Visited radio station to inform electorates about projects and programs of our government.

11. Collaborated with my Constituency Chairman to procure thirty (30) motorbikes at the cost of GH¢
150,000.00 and distributed them to our Electoral Area Coordinators.
During The Election
1. Provided 2000 packs of snacks to Polling Agents, Security Personnel and Electoral Officers on the
election day at a cost of GH¢ 10,000.00
2. Procured and distributed 200 packs of bottled water to Polling Centers on election day at a cost of
GH¢ 2,400.00
3. Provided accommodation and feeding for the 8 Military Personnel who were detailed to my district
before, during and after the elections.
4. Paid GH¢ 7,000.00 through Mr. Nicholas Morkah, a tutor at Esaase S.H.S to cater for the
transportation cost of 66 students and staffs of Esaase S.H.S who came to vote on the election day.
5. Hired two (2) Sprinter buses to convey students of Mansoman S.H.S from Kumasi to Atwere to
vote on the election day at a cost of GH¢ 1,000.00
6. Hired two (2) additional Sprinter buses at a cost of GH¢ 1,000.00 to support Security Personnel
during the Election Day.

The DCE was present at the party coalition center at the Constituency office at Manso Nkwanta and
also monitored development at the Electoral Commission Coalition Center at the conference hall of
the Amansie West District Assembly where he left at 6:15am after the declaration of results in favour
of NPP. As the District Security Committee (DISEC) Chair, Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu could not have
spent all the time at the party’s coalition center. He had to receive briefing on security situation and
intelligence report in the constituency.
We wish to state that the Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu responds to call rather than what we are made to
believe. Some Hon. Assembly members double as rank and file members of the NPP, polling
station executives and electoral co-ordinators. When calls are occasionally not promptly picked or
returned because of a busy schedule, the organizers should not use them as the basis for

generalization. Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu uses opportunities at social events such as funerals wedding
ceremonies to meet party faithful and make amends where applicable.

From our position as Hon. Assembly members, it is not a statement of fact that DCE, Hon. Nii Larteh
Ollenu has awarded ALL contracts to the Constituency chairman. Contracts to the best of our
knowledge are awarded by the District Assembly through the procurement office.
We do not countenance shoddy work because we believe in value for money projects as
representatives of our respective communities. If any observation has been made on the matter, it is
appropriate to report to the District Assembly for action to be taken.

For the organizers to say that he has not visited his community to the effect that ninety percent (90%)
of citizens don’t know him is a weird way of forcibly finding an issue to accuse the DCE. Hon. Nii
Larteh Ollenu embarked on community visitation on his assumption of duty. He programmed a
thirteen (13) leg community visitation schedule and commenced at Kobeda through Adwumam,
Brofroyedru and ended at Abodom. He has also visited other communities including Kwahu,
Dominase, Akontam and Suntreso. He has visited virtually all communities in the District as part of
the above schedule or used other occasion such as commissioning or launching of projects to
familiarize himself with the communities.
With the community in question, the DCE has formally introduced himself to the Pakyi no.2 Hene and
met him and his elders and the community on a separate date during the commissioning of the Small￾Town Project at Pakyi No.2. Once the DCE avails himself to meet community members, it is left to
them to appropriately in their numbers. He has used such meetings as platforms to explain government
policies and programs, access developmental needs and efforts of communities and taken their
contribution as input for policy decision making, direction and implementation and rekindled the
communal spirited of citizens. It is confusing status in percentage terms the number of people who
don’t know the DCE and using that to chastise him to the point of singling him out to the President not
to consider his nomination.

According to Mr. Elijah Osei Bonsu, of the organizers of the press conference declined a request to
vote against the immediate past Member of Parliament, Hon. Joseph Albert Quarm while he (Mr.
Elijah Osei Bonsu) was refused to work on an electrical installation alignment at the Party office. It is
our considered view that having worked against each other’s interest, Mr. Elijah Osei Bonsu has
carried the spillover of the bad blood between them as he eloquently articulated at the press conference
to determine the qualification for nomination of a candidate.

The Chairman’s assertion that the D.C.E tenure of office has witnessed unprecedented projects and
development is not factual. They claim Assembly members, Electoral Area Co-ordinators, Polling
Station Executives, Council of Elders, Patrons, grassroots among others have expressed their
dissatisfaction with the performance of the D.C.E and hence do not support his bid for the position he
is seeking. They are therefore asking the President to reject his nomination.

It is simply not enough to put out a figure of ten thousand (10,000) votes from the previous five
thousand (5000) brackets as obtained by the NDC and use it as the basis for accusation of the District
Chief Executive for dereliction of duty. Election results or outcomes are analyzed not only in terms of
absolutes figures but also from many interrelated factors including the socio-economic, religious,
cultural and historical dynamics and perspective. How can one deliberately ignore a key factor as
galamsey and its implication for elections. The organizers should have had a close look at the 2020
Election results in all constituencies where illegal mining has become key economic activity and hot
political debate and reflect soberly on the losses we incurred as a party. Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu with
his deep knowledge and understanding of the local political dynamics used sensitization on
responsible mining and environmental sustainability to get many illegal miners rescind their avowed
decision to vote against the NPP. Ultimately with all the associated illegal mining problems, the
President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Hon. George Obeng Takyi the current MP.

Indeed any NPP member who does not appreciate the unprecedented work by the President as
executed through Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu as the organizers sought to suggest amount to passing an
indictment verdict on the very government they profess to be championing. It is time we reward
diligence and refrain from running down candidates when the season for political appointment rears its
The agenda to break the eight (8) year cycle must be fully pursued and achieved. Manso Nkwanta
Constituency/Amansie West District noted for its vibrant political activity and loyalty to the NPP
cannot afford to write any negative history under this inevitable project under the tenure of office of
His Excellency Nana Addo Darkwah Akufo-Addo.
Amansie West needs a DCE who has scored a hundred percent in three successive years (2017/2018,
2018/2019, 2019/2020) in the District Performance Appraisal Tool (DPAT). This brilliant
achievement has raised the performance status of the District with special allocated funds to deliver
public goods and services.
We see in the DCE Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu the very embodiment of the qualities and motivation
needed to propel Amansie West District to a greater developmental height. He is a consensus builder,
rewards excellence, versatile and adoptable, excellent human relation, reasonably flexible,
sustainability oriented, time conscious and has good grasp of the local governance concept.
We are therefore earnestly urging the President to consider the nomination of Hon. Nii Larteh Ollenu
for the position of a District Chief Executive for Amansie West District. We are grateful Your
Long Live Ghana
Long Live NPP
Long Live Amansie West District
Dominic Kwabena Agyei
(Presiding Member, Amansie West District)

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief


Email: enockakonnor2013@gmail.com

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