Manhood shrinking? See how to enlarge it with these natural remedies



Ginger, bitter kola, garlics and Lime have strong health benefits as they fight a number of maladies in human body.

Many men deal with the struggles and desires of wanting to get a bigger manhood. These natural remedies really cure manhood shrinkage and increase it’s size

The combination cures:

Gonorrhea: is a transmissible infection caused by bacteria.

It usually affects the private part. Gonorrhoea affects both men and women and is easily transmitted


2. Manhood shrinkage is a decrease in p*nis size.Manhood size is important for many men, but there are times when it can appear smaller. In some cases, it just seems smaller than it used to be. In others, there is actual manhood shortening.

To cure the maladies mentioned above,

Combine these 4 Natural Remedies:

1 Five Ginger (pieces)

2 Five bitter kola

3 Four clove of garlics

4 Five Lime

Cut them into pieces and boil them.

After that, filter the liquid mixture and drink 2-3 cups per day for a week.

Source; opera news

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