Man Be Smart!! See Why She Scrolls Her Hair When Talking To You

Women have several ways of expressing their interest in a man or attracting the opposite sex sexually through body language.

Whenever a lady or woman wants to attract a man, they will employ more feminine body language.

Sometimes they will play up her feminine side by twirling her hair, giggling, sticking out their chest, sticking out her tongue, making her legs more visible among others.

If a lady switches gears and acts more “girly” when she’s around you or makes a point to show off her feminine curves, then there is a good chance she is interested in you.

Anytime you notice any of these signs, stand tall with your shoulders rolled down and back.

Allow your body to take up space while keeping your head up and smiling.

By adopting this confident, masculine body language you are more likely to get women to notice you in a positive way.

Thank you very much.

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