“Mamamia” !! Angel TV CEO And Daughter Under Tough Pressure Over Attack On Chairman Wontumi

I am petitioning the national authorities of NPP : Chairman Blay, General John Boadu, Field Marshall Nana B and Commander General Sammy Awuku, as a matter of urgency and exigency to involve themselves into the damaging publication reported by one Osei Kwadwo through the airwaves of Angel TV which belongs to Dr Kwaku Oteng, who is believed to be an NPP member.

The seriousness and unbelieving aspect of Dr Kwaku Oteng offering his media platforms to destroy NPP-Ashanti is the fact that he is believed to be an NPP official and that his daughter Francisca Oteng Mensa is the MP for Kwabre East on the ticket of NPP.

How on earth could Francisca Oteng be watchful and unconcern for his father’s media platforms to be used to
chastise and vilify the Overlord of NPP Ashanti in the person of Chairman WONTUMI and NPP as a party; a party on whose ticket you are an MP. Francisca have you forgotten so soon that WONTUMI supported you to be elected unopposed?

It is becoming strenuously strange to trust the true membership of Dr Kwaku Oteng as indeed NPP member because his media platforms are bent to destroy NPP – do you remember Captain SMART the damage he caused NPP when he was at Angel TV – Kwaku Oteng Why?

It is suspected that Odeneho Kwaku Appiah and his boys orchestrated the damaging and gross diabolic publication of this dastardly act against the image of NPP and Chairman WONTUMI – I hold no prove on that but calling for intuitive investigation.


NPP Ashanti does not belong to only Ashanti Region but national party because it is the votes from Ashanti Region that gives NPP government power, in this wise, any attempt to destroy NPP Ashanti is not the problem of NPP Ashanti but National Party hence the need for the NPP National Authorities intervention to institute disciplinary actions to the perpetrators.

Of the False Publication

It was published on Angel TV that the landlord of NPP party Office In Ashanti Region has locked up NPP office apartment in the guise that chairman Wontumi/NPP has not made full payment of the apartment.

This news transcended the traditional media and circulated viral on social media which has attracted international boarders including BBC, DW, NEWS FRANCE, PAKISTANY NEWS and Aljazeera.

After the publication, I took upon myself to fish for the facts of the debilitating story and it has been established that the story is abject falsehood which was a ploy to tarnish the image of Chairman WONTUMI and also to destroy NPP chances of breaking the 8.


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