Malawi leader reinstates sacked army chief



New President for Malawi Lazarus Chakwera has reinstated the country’s army commander who was fired by his predecessor after troops protected protesters contesting elections marred by fraud.

Chakwera made an announcement that the appointment of General Vincent Nundwe as commander of Malawi Defence Force took effect immediately.

Violent protests rocked the southern African nation in May last year consequent to the controversial re-election of Peter Mutharika.

The election was afterward annulled by a panel of five top judges due to abnormalities and a re-run ordered within five months. Chakwera won the fresh elections.

Gen Nundwe at the time informed the media at a press conference that the army had a role to preserve constitutional order.


The president on Tuesday noted that the general’s dismissal was “without justification”.

“My purpose is to heal the injury and injustice of an unfair decision inflicted on our entire military as a professional institution,” he said at a media address.

Source; BBC

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