“Mahama Should Be Sighted For Contempt”- NPP Man To Supreme Court

SUPREME Court Justices must sight Ex president MAHAMA for contempt of court for not respecting the verdict of the court.

Mahama sued EC and President Akuffo Addo on allegation that the two connived and rig the 2020 presidential elections in favour of president Akuffo Addo. The court after listen to the claims of Mahama lawyers and witnesses threw of mahama’s case on the grounds that his case lacks purpose and merit.

One would expect mahama to respect the verdict of the supreme Court and do his homework towards 2024 elections instead he is going round casting ALLEGATIONS and insinuations that the supreme Court was bias a state that causes serious prejudice to the dignity of the court.

I wonder Why the supreme Court is sitting unconcern and allow mahama to abuse its powers and sacrosance deemed the court.

In order to Justify that indeed the law is no respecta of persons, I am by this write up urging the supreme Court to lag mahama before them to face the rigorous of abusing the verdict of the apex court.

The supreme Court must be seen to be justicious but not meddling in selective justice. Assuming the action of Mr Mahama is carried by Mr B, would the supreme Court remain unconcern?

Boateng Duncan


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