Mahama invested in slay queens – Salia Saka



Member of the Communication Team for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Salia Saka says former President John Dramani invested in slay queens.

According to Mr. Saka, the Ex President did little in the investment of the high-yielding sectors of the country, but rather invested heavily in the unfruitful sectors of the country. In an interview on Good Morning Africa on Pan African TV he said “Ionically he is the one that actually invested in the unproductive sectors of the economy”.

He labeled John Mahama as the “Papa no”, a term used in an ongoing celebrity beef in the country. He indicated that the Ex President’s failure to invest in the high-yielding sectors of the country, is the reason we now have the issue of “Papa no” because he invested in Slay queens.

“I’m saying that if he had invested in the productive sector of the economy, today we would not have had the situation of the Papa no because he rather invested in the slay queens”.

The NPP man stated that John Mahama’s assertion that the President should stop giving Ghanaians freebies, and rather use the money to invest in the high-yielding sectors is ironic, because when he was in power he failed in that sector due to his investment in slay queens.


“John Mahama says that Nana Addo is giving everything free instead of using the money to invest in the productive sectors of the economy and I’m saying that is an irony on his part because he whiles in power, was investing in slay queens and that brought about the name Papa no”, he said.

John Dramani Mahama slammed President Akufo-Addo with regards to the freebies he has been giving to Ghanaians since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Source; Ghana Crusader

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